Great minds

Be purposeful to know where
You will always find your luck.
Lord gave us the brain not to marvel
at other people's potential
but to be challenged and also
try on our capabilities


In persuit of your dreams you always have positive expectations,perhaps not analysing what you have to endure to be where you want to be.The quest to realising your dream is like walking on sharp pointed needles,,,these are challenges and it calls for toughness thats why others fail without knowing it,otherwise who would wish to be another persons' servant


When you look at your past you should take notice that it is the challenges that have advanced you into your current state. The  misfortunes you had remoulded you into a superior being to fit to what the future holds for you and that being said you should believe tomorrow will always be better than today because you are experienced more as days move by


Missing an opportunity can be a brutal moment of scrunity which is positive.Through failure we learn the possible ways to make a wrong as an advancement to the truth not to repeat the mistakes made previously